The Business of Media Distribution

afm_bookcoverThere’s never been another book that tackled all the media submarkets (including film, TV, video, ancillaries– merchandising, pay-per-view, games—online) and described the history and market dynamics of how each of these areas evolved and how today they work independently and together.

Monetizing Film, TV and Video Content in an Online World

The book also explains how the online and digital worlds are changing these historical markets.  Think about all the new ways we watch, buy, rent and consume video based content—where is this change taking us, and in the context of services like YouTube and Hulu what does TV even mean today?

I’ve talked to and include quotes from industry leaders about their perspective on change, including from traditional networks and studios (e.g., Fox, Paramount, Universal, ABC, USA Network, BSkyB), leading independent production companies (e.g., Lucasfilm, Pixar) and new media leaders (e.g., YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Microsoft).

If you’re a media executive, student, financier, entertainment attorney, or expert in a media-related specialty or related field and want to better understand how your expertise fits into the overall jigsaw, then I hope you’ll enjoy this book.

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What others have to say about the book

For anyone generally interested in how networks and studios make money – and put money at risk – from the TV shows and movies they produce, and the novel challenges they’re facing today, this book will give you a unique overview–and even give you a glimpse into the future.

Blair Westlake, Corporate Vice-President Media & Entertainment, Microsoft

Jeff Ulin brings his practical experience and academic understanding of today’s complicated media world together to provide us with a comprehensive guide to navigate a world that changes almost daily!

Marion Edwards, President 20th Century Fox International Television